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Welcome To Edmonton Fabrication Centre

EFC has earned the reputation as a primary destination for the acquisition of quality, precision, fabrication products and services. All of the highly skilled EFC employees are strict believers in our "Customer First" business practice, which is depicted in the corporate culture set down and demonstrated by EFC's management team and share the business philosophy of company President and Founder, Guy Campagna - "Produce high quality, cost effective, precision end products and services, so that the work we do contributes to our customers success".

Our Approach

Our approach is to listen to our clients’ needs and requirements as well as understand the standards and timeline around the fabrication that you want to build and be responsive before developing a solution that fits. We can work from drawings supplied or ideas discussed.

On every project, we collaborate with you and with each other to arrive at a unique and custom solution. Rest assure that we are with you from the designing stage to fabrication and installation. Our operations and services are governed by our mission statement ‘providing metal fabrication customers what they want and when they want it to their specification’, no matter, how big or small your project might be. This is reinforced by our friendly and efficient service.


EFC has the a one-stop fabrication solution with in-house capabilities for engineering, design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and complete product life-cycle support of any size of fabrication project.

About EFC

At EFC, our main aim is delivering precision metalwork design, manufacturing and repair services to diverse Canada and international customers.

Why Choose Us

  • Highly specialised and dedicated
  • Health & Safety Programs that exceed industry standards
  • Nothing leaves our production line unless it’s absolutely perfect
  • Highly Skilled, Experienced and Qualified workforce
  • Fast response time
  • Total dedications to customer satisfaction
  • Creative, Efficient & Cost Effective

Industry Recognitions & Membership

Edmonton Fabrication Centre Ltd.

Edmonton Fabrication Centre Ltd.

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After hour services are available on request basis.

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