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One-Stop Fabrication Solution

EFC has the a one-stop fabrication solution with in-house capabilities for engineering, design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and complete product life-cycle support of any size of fabrication project. Our manufacturing process knows few restrictions and can fabricate a range of materials and finishes including but not limited to alloys, aluminum, stainless steel, high strength alloys, astrolloy, mild steel, cast iron, brass etc.

EFC manufacturing plant was conceptualized with the goals of excellent customer access and a special focus on operational efficiency in mind. Environmental controls, sophisticated light and ventilation systems, an emphasis on workplace safety, a 24 hour security system and the need for complete synergy between the use of leading edge technology, employees and physical space have all been factored into the functionality of this state of the art facility. The plant is strategically located close to major Edmonton arterial routes (Calgary Trail, Whitemud Freeway) to facilitate easy shipment of large equipment.

Interior Manufacturing Facility

This is a picture of inside our facility. Our shop features 7 cranes of 40, 20, 15, 10 and 5 tons. It has 38500sq feet of space with heated floors , Excellent lighting and ventilation.

Exterior Construction Yard

This is a picture of construction yard. Our exterior construction yard features a 40000sq Feet Concrete yard, a 70 feet crane with 50 and 20 ton hooks and lights along the rails and bridge.

Fully Equipped Machine Shop

The infrastructure of the EFC manufacturing plant includes a self-contained 8000 sq. ft. fully equipped machine shop. Certified mechanics provide complete mechanical repair services including hydraulic hose fabrication.


As an added customer convenience we also carry a complete inventory of parts for EFC manufactured snubbing units.


On these pictures we can see our automated welding machine. It is entirely computer controlled with an operator manual override for minor corrections on the fly. The welding itself is done with a sub arc process. In the middle picture below and to the right we can see a sample of the work the machine produces. It can weld in 2 hours the same amount of material as a worker would do in a week.

More Standard Equipment

  • A 15000 Lbs Toyota forklift (over 18ft high)
  • A 125 ton iron worker
  • A metal cutting band saw with digital angle readout
  • A 300 ton press
  • Shear
  • 4 torch co-ord tracking cutting table
  • A 10 ton welding positioner designed and built in house
  • A radial drill
  • A Hi-Frequency aluminum welding machine
  • A Plasma cutting machine
  • Hydraulic Crimping Equipment
  • A Fully Equipped Trailer with diesel Welding machine for off site work

Complete Design & Drafting Capabilities

EFC is very proud of its ability to research and provide customized design and individualized solutions to meet unique customer requirements. This ability is made possible through our internal design team who offer complete design and drafting services.

Skilled, Experienced and Qualified Tradespeople

EFC employs finest tradespeople with outstanding abilities to custom fabricate a wide variety of sheet metal work assemblies, structural steel fabrications, prefabricated pipe work and Snubbing unites to meet the client’s needs using Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Mild Steel and more. Our experienced fabricators are multi-skilled, trained to read engineering drawings and work to the company's quality system and have the experience to produce the quality of product that our customers expect.

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